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Architecture & Design Library - Thursday 9th March 12.30pm hosts Umesh for a catered lunchtime presentation



How does interior design affect wellness?

How can carpet selections improve wellness?


Umesh will look at the measurable, physical effects and the psychological impacts the built environment can have on wellness.

Given flooring is one of the most significant installation features in terms of area and impact on a space, the contribution of carpet to health and wellness is vital to consider in your interior design. Heritage Carpets new ARTCORE range is designed with wellness at it's core.

The ARTCORE Collection from modulyss is designed around the concept of unique pattern transitions across 4 organic designs, based on the principles of biophilia, to reconnect us to well-being.

Moving mindfully between textures and patterns in nature, and between the natural and man-made, the designs quiet the mind and create a sense of sanctuary.

Colour selections are optimised for light reflectance to improve energy consumption, productivity and well-being, with sound absorbance for a calmer, quieter environment.

The entire collection of eco-friendly carpets is Carbon Neutral, certified Cradle to Cradle Gold, and will earn you Green Star Points towards sustainable building requirements.

ARTCORE yarn is 100% regenerated from nylon waste, from old carpets to discarded fishing nets; ECONYL reduces ocean pollution, and industrial waste and creates a yarn of equal quality to virgin nylon made from fossil materials.

ARCTORE backings – ecoBack or comfortBack – are 100% recyclable, and also Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold.

A collaboration between modulyss and designer Joris Peutz, ARTCORE offers endless possibilities for artistry.

Nature-inspired patterns, a modular format and serious sustainability, for a happier, healthier, more eco-friendly space.

Be inspired.

GUT, CRI Green Label Plus, Cradle to Cradle Gold. Carbon Neutral.

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