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​AD Library was designed to provide a shared resource for anyone working in the construction industry as well as anyone building or renovating. Initially a trade only space, we have now opened our doors to the public as we (designers) are not the only ones to struggle to source all the materials required for a build.

We have brought together over 60 brands in our 100 sqm's of sample library to enable a more efficient and enjoyable way to design your home, business, kitchen etc.

interior design layout


One hour consult within the sample library

  • One month membership

  • Access: Mon - Friday 9am - 3pm (or by appointment)

  • Borrow samples from our design library for up to a week at a time.

  • Links to our members if you require a professional for your project.

  • $150 incl.

looking over architectural plans


  • You are an architect, kitchen designer, builder etc. who wants to use the library to specify and source products as well as bring clients in to be inspired.​

  • You are an industry professional working here on and off and want somewhere to work and meet with clients

  • You are building/renovating and want access to our sample library.


ADL Community
24 hour access

ADL host on site

9am - 3pm

Mon - Fri




Connect with 

a professional

kitchen facilities

Kitchen & Social


barista coffee

Barista Coffee +

Tea Selection

meeting rooms for hire



100 sqm

Sample Library

interior design samples


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