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Elevate Your Building Business: Join the Architecture + Design Library in Wanaka

Why Membership Matters

In the competitive world of construction and design, staying ahead of industry trends and connecting with the right resources can make all the difference. For builders and building companies in Wanaka, the Architecture + Design Library (ADL) offers a unique opportunity to gain a significant competitive edge.

Joining the AD Library isn't just about having access to a vast collection of architectural and design resources—it's about becoming part of a vibrant community dedicated to excellence and innovation in building. And, for the month of June, there's an exciting opportunity to win a membership, making now the perfect time to explore what ADL has to offer.

The Benefits of Membership

1. Exclusive Resources

The AD Library provides access to an extensive collection of architectural samples, catalogues, large scale displays of materials and working products. This treasure trove of information is designed to keep you and your clients informed and inspired, ensuring that your projects are not only up-to-date but also innovative.

2. Networking Opportunities

Membership opens the door to a network of like-minded professionals. Whether you're looking for new partnerships, seeking advice, or simply wanting to stay connected with the industry, the ADL provides a platform for meaningful interactions.

3. Professional Development

The ADL frequently hosts events, workshops, and seminars led by industry experts. These opportunities for professional development can enhance your skills, broaden your knowledge, and keep you at the forefront of the building and design sectors.

4. Marketing Advantage

Being a member of the ADL can boost your business's credibility and visibility. It shows clients that you are committed to providing them with easy access to a diverse range of products as well as continuous learning and excellence, which can be a deciding factor when they choose between you and your competitors.

Special Offer: Win a Free Membership in June

There's never been a better time to join the ADL. During the month of June, builders and building companies have the chance to win a free membership. This giveaway is a fantastic opportunity to experience all the benefits of the ADL without any initial cost.

To enter the giveaway, visit the builder giveaway page and follow the simple instructions. Don't miss out on this chance to enhance your business and connect with a community that values innovation and quality in architecture and design.

Success Stories

Many local building companies are already reaping the benefits of being AD Library members. These include:

  • MA Building

  • Archibuild

  • Stroud Homes

  • CBG Construction

  • Southbase Construction

  • Prima Build

These companies have seen firsthand how the resources and connections available through the AD Library can transform their operations, enhance their project quality, and expand their business opportunities.

How to Become a Member

Becoming a member of the ADL is straightforward. Simply visit the membership page, where you can learn more about the different membership options and sign up online. The process is quick and easy, ensuring you can start reaping the benefits of membership right away.


In an industry where staying informed and connected is crucial, the Architecture + Design Library in Wanaka offers builders and building companies unparalleled resources and opportunities. Joining the AD Library can provide your business with the tools, knowledge, and connections needed to thrive. Don't miss the chance to win a free membership this June—take the first step towards elevating your business today.

For more information and to join the ADL community, visit the membership page and the builder giveaway page.

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