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Reduce your Building/Renovating Overwhelm....

Updated: Jun 10

So, you have decided to embark on one of the biggest projects of your life - building or renovating your home! You've made the most incredible board on Pinterest, bought a huge amount of interior design magazines and possibly engaged an architect and builder. Now you just need to get those beautiful images made into reality, hmm 🤔....... where to start?!⁠

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, don't panic, it is overwhelming! But, that is why we have created our newest offering 'Designer for a Day'!⁠

We have over 20 members from across the design industry who are professionals in architecture, interior design, building, kitchens and so much more. You can grab one of these lovely human beings and pick their brains for an entire day. Ask them all the questions, get huge amounts of advice, take them to site, show them around your house or settle yourselves at the Architecture + Design Library to browse through carpet, exterior cladding, kitchen finishes, window treatments and everything in between. We'll even shout you lunch!⁠

We guarantee that this is the best place to start - no need to feel overwhelmed - contact us today!⁠

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