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Choosing the Right Cladding for Your Home in New Zealand

When choosing cladding for your home in New Zealand, it's essential to consider durability, maintenance, aesthetics, and climate suitability. Here are some options from our architecture and design sample library:

Envello by Forté (large in situ display available to view in our sample library in Wanaka)

  • Material: Composite

  • Features: Low maintenance, UV resistant, does not warp or rot.

  • Aesthetics: Authentic timber look.

  • Ideal For: Those seeking a natural appearance without the upkeep of real wood.

  • More Info: Forté - Envello Cladding

Vertical Shiplap Cladding by JSC (large in situ display available to view in our sample library in Wanaka)

  • Material: Timber

  • Features: Classic vertical lines, customizable with various wood types.

  • Aesthetics: Traditional and elegant.

  • Ideal For: Homes needing a timeless and refined appearance.

  • More Info: JSC - Vertical Shiplap Cladding


  • Material: Steel

  • Features: Durable, weather-resistant, available in various colors.

  • Aesthetics: Modern and sleek.

  • Ideal For: Coastal areas and modern architectural designs.

  • More Info: COLORSTEEL® Cladding

Mineral Paint by Porter's Paints

  • Material: Paint

  • Features: Breathable, durable, eco-friendly.

  • Aesthetics: Textured finish with a natural mineral look.

  • Ideal For: Masonry and heritage buildings.

  • More Info: Porter's Paints - Mineral Paint

Dekton by Cosentino

  • Material: Ultra-compact surface

  • Features: Highly resistant to scratches, stains, and UV rays.

  • Aesthetics: Wide range of finishes from natural stone to industrial.

  • Ideal For: High-traffic areas and contemporary designs.

  • More Info: Dekton Cladding

The Brickery Cladding

  • Material: Brick

  • Features: Robust, thermal efficient, low maintenance.

  • Aesthetics: Traditional and enduring.

  • Ideal For: Classic and rustic architectural styles.

  • More Info: The Brickery

Book a Library Consult

Choosing the right cladding can be challenging. For personalised advice, book a Library Consult and we can show you the different products in our library and also put you in contact with the sales reps for these products if you require further information,


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